Our Founder & Lead Curator, Lindsey Rose King

Lindsey Rose King is a proud Houstonian who grew up just outside of Fort Worth, TX. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, King brought her talents to Washington D.C. where she worked on grassroots campaigns and fundraised for political campaigns. She is now the hardworking entrepreneur behind the Mostess brand.

How Mostess Started

King’s inspiration for the Mostess brand stems from personal experiences. She grew tired of crafting the picture perfect party for every season and knew that other party throwers felt the same. In 2016, after testing and feedback from friends and family, Mostess was ready to launch.


How we built it

Initially, Mostess was met with skepticism from home goods vendors. But the small businesses that took a chance with Mostess became instrumental in its early success. The business grew from fulfilling orders in a small apartment to needing a warehouse space to handle the volume.

Mostess has captured the attention of both national and local press. Mostess was named one of the “best home decor subscription boxes” by Forbes magazine and Reader’s Digest included Mostess on their list of must-have subscription boxes.

Pivoting our Business

In mid 2021, Mostess announced changes to the business model. The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected all small-businesses and Mostess is no exception. Mostess is fortunate enough to be able to pivot the business as needed. At this time, all subscription services have been paused.

What we offer now

The Mostess team is proud to offer product styling services lead by Lindsey Rose King. Mostess is available to plan, style, and execute product photoshoots for businesses in the Houston area. Travel is available upon request. Interested in product styling services? Drop us a note at hello@mostessbox.com

Our Values

We believe that there is just no substitute for bringing people together offline in the comfort of your own home. Mostess provides a jumpstart for keeping your home styled and seasonally refreshed. By starting with curated products, fresh ideas, and styling inspiration from Mostess, you can spend more time and energy on what really matters - enjoying your home!