Your Guide: A Hygge Inspired Home

Hygge is a Danish word used to express a feeling or moment as cozy and heartwarming, and is often used when friends and family are gathered together. In the past few years, the sentiment of hygge has become a worldwide home decor phenomenon. By incorporating natural elements and cozy textures to your space, you too can establish a sense of hygge in your own home. Remember though, that at the heart of hygge is sharing your cozy space with loved ones and creating heartwarming memories.

 Your Guide:

  1. Soft textures: Plush throws and down pillows
  2. Touches of nature: Simple greenery and flowers
  3. Warm glow: Lit candles, dim lighting, a glowing fireplace
  4. Being fully present: Phones are hidden away, and intentional conversation is front and center

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