The Station Two-Step


When entertaining in your home, the placement of refreshments help define areas for your guests and give structure to your space. While this sounds great in theory, it can be difficult to do if your living space is small or modest. 

The Problem?
My husband and I live in a high rise apartment with very little space for entertaining. In the past, I would display everything on my kitchen counter and hope for the best.  

The Result?
Guests would naturally congregate in our kitchen (where there are no chairs!) and things would get crowded and uncomfortable. Besides, who wants their microwave to be the center of the social scene? 

The Solution?
I create two different refreshment "stations". 

One station for beverages and one station for food.  I prefer to keep the beverage station on my kitchen island (for easy access to extra ice and glassware).  

I then create a second station in my living room for food. I usually place food on a large platter on my coffee table with small plates and napkins.  This encourages guests to mingle and munch on refreshments in the comfort of a living room (with seating!).  

Need an easy drink idea this winter? Try our Mostess Winter Warm Up!

Need some food inspiration? Check out my favorite sharable appetizer!

Social Q:  Pull a few extra chairs into your living room to create more space for seating.  I love pulling two chairs in front of our TV set to create a better flow for seating! Happy Hosting!


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