Prepping for the Perfect Easter Party

For the Mostess team, the arrival of Easter marks our favorite time of the year. The change in weather brings blooming flowers, pool days, and plenty of family time. We’ve gathered some of our best tips to make the holiday unforgettable for you and your guests.


First things first! We believe our focus and attention belong to the all-important tablescape. Any great hostess knows that the details are what matter most. Whether you opt for an indoor celebration or an outdoor gathering, a thoughtfully crafted tablescape offers a warm welcome to party guests. However, don’t be afraid to keep it simple. A floral centerpiece, linen table runner, and coordinating tableware allow you to set the mood without breaking a sweat.



Next comes the sweets and drinks. Our Prosecco Peep Cocktail is sure to get people talking. We've been serving this drink for a few years and it has become a house favorite!




  1. Your favorite chilled wine.
  2. Your Peeps of choice. If you prefer to keep things simple, stick to just one color or style. Or opt to go the extra mile and create a rainbow: combine blue, yellow, pink or whichever color Peeps match your theme.
  3. Lavender bitters (or any bitter flavor you have on hand!)


Hosting Tip: Set up glasses with Peeps prior to guest arrival. Once they arrive, pop the prosecco and fill your glasses. Be careful though; the Peeps add extra fizz to the glass so only fill halfway. We recommend 3-4 drops of bitters, but you can also let guests add to taste.


A fabulous cake takes your party to the next level. We find they can be expensive, time-consuming, or both. Our recipe solves these problems while still allowing you to make your cake a real showstopper.


How To:


Purchase your favorite cake and a large bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Plain or light-colored icing works the best. We chose a cake from our local grocery store with white buttercream icing and coconut flakes.


Starting from the outside in, place eggs atop the cake, gently pressing them into the icing so they don’t roll off. Alternate the colors and evenly space the eggs to create a beautiful and vibrant pattern. The decorate the bottom rim of the cake with extra eggs to complete the look. Year after year, this cake never fails to bring a smile to everyone's face.



Last but certainly not least: the kids’ table. Adults shouldn’t be the only one who are treated to spring décor. Echo the “grown-ups table” with a pastel table cloth that can absorb potential spills. Use a flower or two as the centerpiece and breakout your finest plastic table wear to complete the set up. Check out even more photos of our kids' table to get inspired.


We teamed up with local women-owned businesses to inspire you to style a dreamy children’s table for Easter. Everything, from the flowers to the photos to the clothes, was made possible by these Houston-based businesses:


- Tabletop & Stylists: Shop the Manor Mostess Box
- Furniture, Location & Stylist: Southern Chic Style 
- Photographer: Fresh Light Photography
- Clothiers: Mirth Caftans & Sanna Baby & Child
- Florist: Crisp Floral Design
- Baker: Sweet Marie's Dessert Studio



If you’re in need of some extra tips, check out our post on serving your crowd.


Happy Easter egg hunting!

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