Must-Haves for Easy, Breezy (barefoot) Hosting

When it comes to summer hosting, we want it to be easy breezy! With it being the most carefree season of the year, it only makes sense for hosting guests to follow suit. 

The key to easy breezy hosting is having the essentials ready to go at a moment' notice. So you can "grab and go" from living room to pool, or beach to bonfire in a breeze


1. Be prepared with food and drinks

  • It's important to always have the essentials in your fridge and cabinets. Essentials include wine, rosé, or champagne (or all three), sparkling water (bonus if it's infused with fruit!), fresh fruit (make sure it's already cut so you don't have to worry about it that day), and possibly some other easy summer-friendly snacks.

2. Think about safety and comfort with your guests

  • Safety first, always! That means have sunscreen on hand, as well as insect repellant. It's also nice to have a beach blanket with you to sit on if you head to the beach (or if it gets chilly out).

3. Dress summer-appropriate

  • We're all about a loose fitting, stylish summer caftan (our favorites are from Mirth). It serves as a beautiful beach cover up, and can just as easily transition into your evening plans. And, of course, don't forget your sunglasses!

4. Bring it all together

  • Now it's time to bring it all together! Grab your cutest beach basket, throw everything inside, and head out. As we said, we like to keep things simple!

Here's to a great summer season! If you haven't seen our full Summer Box reveal, be sure to check it out here. You can find most of these summer essentials inside it!

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