How to Style a Timeless and Elegant Holiday Tablescape

With family gatherings and holiday parties in full swing, the winter season is when we embrace cheeky mementos and festive decor pieces. Creating a table with an elegant and clean palette is a beautiful contrast against festive home decor and decorations of all kinds, all season long. Added bonus? You can apply these styling tips to any piece of furniture in your home like a coffee table, side table, or kitchen counter!

1. Go Green: Create a collective look by displaying one type of simple greenery. I chose fresh silver dollar eucalyptus because it dries beautifully and you can leave it out for weeks. But you can pick any type of greenery such as juniper or boxwood.

2. Petite Accents: I suggest picking one small accent (like pinecones or cranberries) to fill in the spaces between your greenery. Small items add a lot of depth without creating a cluttered look. I even took it a step future and filled our Winter Box tray with cranberries and styled our Winter Box candle in the center. 

3. Neutral Textiles: A neutral table runner and serving papers are the perfect backdrops for your dishes and glasses. I'm using our Signature Mostess Table Runner and Napkins, our Rosette Serving Papers and Hester and Cook Gift Tags from our Winter Box.

4. Centerpiece: I suggest using a floral arrangement (either faux or fresh). Keep it timeless by using lots of greenery and selecting flowers that have deep jewel tones. 

We styled this tablescape with our 2018 Winter Box and other items from our Shop.

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