How To Serve For A Spring Crowd


This season, create a space to welcome guests over for brunch or to enjoy a spring evening. Setting up for a crowd should be simple and effortless. We’ve styled our 2019 Spring Box goods to showcase a laid back but purposeful display of refreshments. This is a great set up for a graduation or Memorial Day party!


1. Create a Purpose: Divide your kitchen countertop or serving area into three sections: one for beverages, another for food, and an area for plates and utensils. This helps guests serve themselves. We love mixing up a batch of this mocktail for everyone to enjoy!


2. Laid Back Linens: Place linen napkins in a variety of ways: under platters and serveware, line them up to make a casual table runner or simply use as is. 

3. Spring Styling: Display fresh cut flowers at the back of your station for a pop of texture and height. Place lemons and limes in a bowl for a splash of color!


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