How to Save Time Hosting a Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party is a grand tradition that creates a wonderful environment for guest to connect over a meal. However, the stress of preparing and making sure things are "just right" can be overwhelming and exhausting. Who has time for that?! To avoid dinner party fatigue, I'm sharing my tricks for effortlessly hosting a dinner party at your home. With these tips, you can easily host - even after a busy day!

1. Set the first course prior to guests arriving. 

Save time by setting out your first course before guests arrive. Avoid having to worry about a heated or cooled first course by opting for a fresh salad with bread. This affords you more time to socialize and keeps you out of the kitchen!

2. Provide a self-serve dessert and drink table. 

Keep things simple by displaying desserts and drinks on a separate table near your dining table. This allows guests to serve themselves and creates a cohesive, styled look in your dining room. Styling Tip: create a variety of heights by using cake stands to display items. 

3. Assign seating and fill water glasses. 

Having place settings already styled the day before can save you lots of time. I recommend filling water glasses and assigning seats with place cards prior to guests arriving. This saves time and doesn't make guests feel awkward trying to pick a seat. Seasonal Tip: Garnish water glasses with seasonal fruits and herbs. For fall, I love using sliced apples and sage. 

4. Serve the main course. 

After guests are seated and the party starts, the only thing you need to do is get up and serve the main course. Voila!





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