How to Make Our Mostess Cozy Coffee

This weather is confusing!! One day it's cold, the next day it's humid, and then the next day it's freezing again. Until the seasons sort themselves out, we're still in a winter state of mind, at least for a little while longer.

And one of our favorite past times this time of year is simply cozying up and relaxing on the couch with a delicious, warm drink. 

Whether you're having friends over or just hanging out on your own, our Mostess Cozy Coffee is everything and more. It's equal parts indulgent and simple, and it's absolutely our favorite drink during the winter months. 

So, keep on reading for how to make our Cozy Coffee, and enjoy!

And you're in luck because our handheld milk frother is on sale in the Mostess Market! It not only froths milk to perfection, but it can also make an aioli, emulsify a vinaigrette, or whip up eggs. Check it out here.

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