How To Make Bright Delight Cubes

Tis the season for poolside cocktails and beach friendly beverages! 

And you know we're all about delicious drink recipes, but did you know we're also partial to pretty and delicious ice cubes, too? 

Not only do our bright delight ice cubes add a beautiful touch to a drink, but they also add an extra pop of flavor! 

So, keep on scrolling for how to make our bright delight ice cubes, which are sure to be a hit at all your summer parties!


  • Fill ice cube tray half full with water.
  • Fill remaining space with either raspberries and blueberries or sliced lemons or limes.
  • For added drama, overfill the trays so the fruit freezes on top.
  • Freeze.
  • Remove from freezer and gently release cubes from the tray.
  • Add to any beverage and enjoy!
    • For a fun touch, display in a bowl for guests to serve themselves!

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