How to Make an Unforgettable Garden Party Brunch Table

Spring has sprung, and this is one of our favorite times of the year to entertain. The weather is pretty perfect, the sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming. The dark days of winter are behind us, and people are ready to celebrate all the pretty things!

When it comes to spring entertaining, I love to host a garden party each year. And this year I decided to have a garden brunch party. Because brunch might just be my favorite meal. Anyone else??

Of course, the focal point of the brunch (aside from the yummy food) is the table. And you know how much we love a pretty tablescape. 

So, keep on reading for how to create an unforgettable garden party brunch table. Spoiler alert: it's simple! 


1. Simple is sometimes the best way to go! And in this case, I decided on lemons in all their natural, whole glory. Nothing screams warm sunny days quite like the color yellow, so I knew I wanted to incorporate it in a big way. Thus, I purchased extra lemons and scattered them around the table. They really serve as double duty, as they can then be used in drinks and other recipes.

2. In keeping with the color theme of yellow, I decided on one large planter in the center of the table with yellow florals inside it. It perfectly stayed with the garden party theme, as well.

3. As a take away for your guests, create another part of the decor they can enjoy after the party. I decided on mini planters at each setting to go along with the centerpiece, and my guests took them with as they left. Think of it as a head start on their own garden this season! 

4. Create two cocktail (or mocktail) options so your guests have a choice! Rosé is most certainly a great choice for these warm days, and we decided to jazz ours up with some berries. And then we offered our trusty Day Tripper because it's always a fan favorite.  Bonus: these drinks are pretty and also serve as decor!

5. Don't make the table too busy. Sometimes if you fill up the table too much it can take away from the centerpiece and overall feel, so again, you can keep things simple and they still make an impact. 


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