How to Create a Fresh Flower Arrangement in a Few Simple Steps

There are few things that make us happier than fresh flowers. They instantly brighten up a room and add life to any space. 

And you don't need a special occasion for flowers! 

Don't wait for when you have friends over; it's always a good time for a flower arrangement. 

But if you did need an excuse, it is Mother's Day this Sunday, so you definitely want to make sure you have flowers this weekend!

The best part is that putting together a flower arrangement is actually very easy! And here's how to do it.


It's super easy to create an interesting floral arrangement that doesn't cost a lot. You can use a combination of high end flowers, lower cost flowers, and greenery!

What you need

1. Flower vessel (we recommend the pitcher from our Spring Garden Party Box)

2. A few stems of a high end/luxury/splurge flower (like hydrangeas, peonies, or lilacs - we used lilacs)

3. A few stems of a lower end/filler flower (like babies breath, carnations, or stock - we used white stock flowers)

4. A few stems of greenery. You can usually ask for this in the flower section of your local grocery store or sometimes they sell them by the bunch with names like "greenery, filler, or growers bunch."

How to create the arrangement

1. Remove any leaves along the stems and trim stems to fit the height of vase.

Mostess tip: I prefer to cut the stems so you only see the base of the flowers pop up over the vase. This creates a fuller look and hides the stems.

2. Fluff your flowers and add in greenery to one side.

3. Now it's time to style it. Add interest by adding a bowl of fresh berries or a candle. You can even set your vase on top of a cutting board for extra heights.

4. Add fresh water and enjoy!

What are your favorite flowers for spring and summer? We'd love to hear in the comments below!

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