Holiday Cocktails (& Mocktails) For Your Next Gathering

The season of holidays and festivities is in full swing. For us, the fall and winter season is like the "Hostess Super Bowl". If you love entertaining like we do, you are already pulling recipes and getting ready for the best holiday parties on the block. One of the best ways to warm up a holiday party is with a great drink. We love both holiday cocktails and holiday mocktails equally. Nothing feels quite like holding a classy and delicious drink in hand while enjoying time with friends and family.

We have made you a list of our favorite Holiday Cocktails and Mocktails below complete with recipes and all to help you host the holiday party of the year!


Holiday Cocktail & Mocktail Recipes 


Winter Bubbly

This might be our all time favorite signature drink! Guest will love this cool and refreshing beverage with a hint of bourbon. Hosting Hack: Showcase this cocktail in both fine crystal with budget friendly glassware for a unique and elegant drink station. Click here for the recipe and drinks station tips.

holiday cocktails
Mostess Winter Warm-Up

This creamy confection is served warm, can be made in batches, and easily mixed up as a family-friendly or adults-only drink. Click here for the full recipe.

 holiday cocktails

Vegan Hot Chocolate

A healthy twist on an old favorite, this Hot Chocolate recipe is both simple and delicious. We love using this recipe for our holiday parties and adding a little baileys Irish cream to it to add that extra punch, or you can leave it alone and make a kid-friendly Hot Chocolate Bar to add some fun to the family holiday gathering! Get the full recipe here.

holiday cocktails

The Tailgater 

This one is a sure crowd pleaser and with only 2 ingredients it’s a fun and easy thing to have on hand. Try making it ahead in a large batch and putting it in a beautiful decanter to elevate the presentation. Get the recipe here. 

holiday cocktails

Burnt Orange Bourbon Cocktail

I created this drink so you can enjoy a sweeter sip while still keeping a strong bourbon flavor. This is a great drink to offer before or after a dinner party. The key ingredient is Tippleman's Burnt Sugar Syrup

holiday cocktails

Rosemary Berry Cocktail

By providing a festive mocktail, your guests can enjoy raising a glass and toasting with everyone during the holidays! Hosting Tip: for a larger crowd, I suggest styling this in a punch bowl with fresh rosemary, cranberries, and ice cubes. 

 holiday cocktails

Punch Bowl Mocktail

I love serving punch because it keeps your hands free and allows guests to serve themselves. This punch is a mocktail that anyone in your home can enjoy (children included). Win-Win! Click here to get the recipe.

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