Formal to Casual: Gather Around Your Table

Some of the best memories and conversations in life happen around a table. You can transform the most formal dining room, or intimate seating nook, into a perfectly cozy gathering space for guests to enjoy delicious bites while sharing stories well into the evening. Read below for my three tips for creating a casual gathering spot in your home.

1. Creative Seating

Mix and match chairs with other pieces around your home including benches. This softens any room and can make a formal dining room feel casual. Drape throws and comfy pillows on the chairs to make guests feel at home. Create informal place settings by using appetizers plates instead of formal dinner plates and Hester & Cook Serving Papers

2. Casual Comfort Foods

Serve comforting favorites like biscuits, flatbread pizza, cheeses and fruits that can easily be eaten without utensils. We suggest serving our Raspberry Honey Butter and our Ulitmate Cheese and Honey Pairing.

 3. Beverage Table

Style a traditional console table with a variety of drinks so guests can easily serve themselves. See how we styled our Beverage Table. Keep it even cozier with a pitcher of fresh water and a decanter of red wine already on the table for guests to easily refill between tasty bites of food. 

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