Fall Home Decor Ideas You Are Going to Love

Autumn foliage and scents of apple cider are in the air and we are overflowing with fall home decor ideas we think you are going to love this season! If you are anything like the ladies here at Mostess (which we think you are), you love all things fall and pumpkin. We love welcoming in a new change of the season with some perfectly hand-picked items and decorating and styling tips that help keep your house the envy of the neighborhood. Whether you need some fall home decor ideas for a family visit or a large gathering, we have ideas that will keep you inspired and your home looking fall ready! 

Fall Home Decor Idea #1- Keep it simple

fall home decor ideas

Decorating for fall doesn't have to look like putting out goods that are bargain shopped and lack a curated feel. We love using the elegant simplicity of clean colors and simple handmade products to remind us that the real focus of the season is gathering together and slowing down. 

We use our handmade stoneware carafe to elevate the look of our table and keep things looking clean and put together even if we are limited on time. Adding fresh infused water flavors is a great way to surprise and delight guests and it takes just minutes to put together. We also love using glass and clear containers filled with seasonal colors and elements to tie the table or bar area together.

Fall Home Decor Idea #2- Use Natural Elements

fall home decor ideas

Kraft paper is a magical thing. We use it to add a touch of rustic elegance to our tables and countertops. Using a simple white marker and writing a message by hand on this gorgeous and thick paper can keep your lovely counters and tables for becoming a disaster zone after meals, all while adding a farmhouse feel that is so perfect this time of year! 

Another easy way to add a rustic-chic touch to your table is to wrap pies and baked goods in our favorite American Handmade Denim Heirloom Wrap. It adds a touch of casual comfort to the table while keeping your food warm while you enjoy your company.

Fall Home Decor Idea # 3- Add Some Elegance 

fall home decor ideas

We all love the farmhouse home decor style these days that are synonymous with a certain famous designer (who also happens to be from Texas). We can not seem to get enough of the clean lines and handmade goodness that comes with the farmhouse look, but we love balancing that style with sophisticated pieces that can elevate any room. Adding a touch of gold in little accent pieces like our gold measuring cups keeps the style balanced for any home! 

For the bar area, we love our gold accent in the form of our favorite martini shaker. We use this to mix up our seasonal mocktails (or cocktails) and it adds just a small touch of class to the mixing process. 

Pro Tip: Use our favorite gold measuring cups as mini dishes to serve things like butter or garnishes to instantly elevate your fall tablescape! 

Fall Home Decor Idea #4- Add Fresh Elements

fall home decor ideas

Fresh cut flowers add an elegant touch to any table they grace but especially so in the fall when everything is preparing for hibernation. Adding fall colors to your table but with the freshness of a bouquet will help keep the room smelling and feeling full of life. 

Another easy way to get some freshness into your table or home is to add fresh seasonal produce to your tablescapes. Showcasing the latest fruits and vegetables of the season reminds us to be thankful for the bounty of harvest time as well as adding the true colors of the season. 

Bonus Tip: These do not just have to be tablescape items, use then in your recipes and get a jump start on tip #5. 

Fall Home Decor Idea #5- Scents Add To the Feeling

fall home decor ideas

One thing you can do to immediately bring a fall feeling into your home without having to change one piece of decor is to bake something in your oven. The scent of something fall-flavored baking in your over will add an instant feeling of warmth and home to any space. 

We love using our brie baker to whip up our delicious (and deceptively simple to make) S’mores pie recipe. This recipe is always a huge hit with our guests and it can easily be whipped up in less than 5 minutes. We love serving this dish with fresh apple slices and graham crackers for dipping to complete the fall vibes! 

What are some of your favorite fall home decor ideas that ring in your season of thankfulness? 


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