Like you, our business and our family have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our world has changed and like our customers, we are working to find ways we can help while we remain homebound. At Mostess, we will use this time to draw closer to our friends and families (even while we maintain distance) and hope to spread joy and giving to help improve our world. 

Our supply chain is strained right now. But while we work to address these challenges, our plan going forward includes:

1. Homebound Gift Boxes for Meals on Wheels America

We curated a line of six custom gift boxes that give back and help you get through this period of social distancing. For each Homebound Gift Box sale, we will donate $5 to Meals on Wheels America, which is a critical charity to continue feeding the most vulnerable members of our population. Each Homebound Gift Box you purchase will make a huge impact. They are also thoughtful gifts that you can send to anyone affected by COVID-19, especially our friends and family who had to postpone important life events, or even as a thank you to a neighbor for lending a helping hand. Each gift box includes thoughtful pieces to make your time at home more enjoyable. Boxes include complimentary signature Mostess gift wrapping and a handwritten gift note.


2. Inspired Homebound

We are committed to providing content and inspiration during this time of uncertainty. As a result, we are launching our Inspired Homebound campaign in the coming days. We will be sharing homebound tips to make this time period more joyful and purposeful while we hunker down. We will also include contests with Mostess giveaways! Follow along on the 'gram for all the information.

3. Spring Box Shipment Disruptions

While we fortunately have most of our inventory for the Spring Box, some items were unfortunately delayed due to supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19. We are working with trusted vendors and small businesses to fix this as soon as possible. For those customers impacted, we will be contacting you individually regarding the status of your Spring Box.

During this unprecedented time, I hope you find inspiration and happiness by following our brand. Let's come together as a community and make being homebound a hopeful respite!

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  • Hi there, I received a different marble tray, can I order the oval one?

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