Apple Cider Recipe With A Twist

The weather is starting to cool down and those lower temps have us reaching for our cozy sweaters. The leaves are changing and turning the most beautiful shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. Whether we’re ready for it or not, all of these signs are pointing to one thing… fall is here!  

Autumn weather is the perfect time to start planning a gathering inside your home. Filled with beautiful fall decor from our 2019 fall box, tasty treats, and delicious cider, there’s so much to appreciate in the fall season. Guests will love coming together around the fireplace or kitchen table and dining in your cozy home. But what should you serve them?

If you have our Mostess box seasonal subscription, you already know we have a seasonal favorite included in our recipes, but we added our own favorite twist. 

apple cider recipe

Traditional fall meal plans include warm savory dishes, tart pies and a variety of pumpkin, apple, and maple-flavored meals and treats. Cider and hot coffee are great beverage choices for cooler weather and incorporating a cocktail hour before dinner (paired with our Homemade Raspberry Honey Butter on top of warm biscuits or freshly baked bread is a fun addition too! Who doesn’t love bread and cocktails?

apple cider recipe

If you’re thinking a fall-inspired cocktail would be great at your next get-together and you’re in the mood to put a spin on an old classic, we have a seasonal cider recipe your adult guests are sure to enjoy: Apple Cider with a Twist! 

apple cider recipe

Apple Cider Recipe

Our Apple Cider with a Twist cocktail incorporates some of the best fall flavors: cider and maple. A blend and balance of sweet apple cider with maple syrup screams autumn in a glass. Adding in low-calorie alcohol such as vodka spikes the flavor a bit presenting a tasty drink without the guilt. A fresh apple slice garnish is a great addition!

apple cider recipe

To create this Maple Cider-tini cocktail, you’ll need: 

1 oz vodka
1 oz apple cider
1/2 tsp maple syrup (included in our Fall Box!)
dash of grapefruit bitters (optional)

Combine these three ingredients and shake over ice. An apple slice garnish is optional but oh so cute. Want to tone down the sweetness? Adding in grapefruit bitters will help make the cider and maple flavors more subtle. 

Serving this fall cocktail with appetizers before dinner (or even after for a sweet treat) is a sure way to inspire your guests and have them wondering how you made this delicious (yet simple) beverage! Looking for a non-alcoholic version? Check out our Apple Cider Mocktail

apple cider recipe

Want more fun for your guests? Create a DIY Caramel Apple Bar in place of dessert that incorporates our 10 Minute Homemade Caramel Sauce.

Click Here for the Recipe.

If you’re a fall-fanatic and would love to see more delicious fall meals and recipes for gatherings, be sure to take a look at our fall recipes magazine, Fall Bites & Beverages. The images alone will have you craving a bite of one of our delicious and easy to make recipes! 

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