A Breath of Fresh Spring Air


Break out the barbecue pit and apply some sunscreen because spring is here! We simply can’t wait to enjoy the great outdoors and take a dip in the pool. The Mostess team has rounded-up some of our best hosting tips to make your spring gatherings a blast no matter the occasion. Our suggestions work just as well outdoors as they do indoor so don’t be afraid to get creative when planning your own celebration.


We don’t care what anyone says, florals for spring are a MUST! Try your hand at styling your own floral arrangement; it’s easier than you might think. Before you get started, you’ll need a vase or pitcher and a mix of your favorite flowers and greenery from your local florist or grocery store. Tidy up your flowers by removing leaves and trimming the stems to create a staggered effect. Add your greenery to fluff up the arrangement. And voila! You’ve got a handmade floral arrangement. Take a peek at the full set of instructions in our blog post for more detail.



Now the main event: the spring tablescape. This is a great opportunity to experiment with color and materials to really make your party guests say “WOW”. A planter is the perfect piece of unexpected table décor! We like to create a centerpiece just using a planter and some flowers. But we don’t stop there. We also use the mini planters from our local gardening store to serve as both table decoration and a party favor for our guests. Everyone will surely love going home with a succulent or herb. Check out more photos of table inspiration here.



You could even keep it simpler than that! Napkin rings are often overlooked part of the place setting. We’ve curated a set of four acrylic napkin holders & flower vases that can offer the simple touch you might be looking for. Simple trim flowers to the appropriate length and insert your favorite bloom. We love surprising our guests with this simple but appreciated touch.



However you decide to celebrate this year, make the most of it! We all deserve to relax and just enjoy the fresh start that this time of year brings. Cheers!


P.S. If you're looking for even more hosting advice, check out our post on throwing a garden party. We've already started planning our own.


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