3 Ways to Embrace La Dolce Vita This Summer

As we've said, there’s something magical about long summer days followed by leisurely evenings spent with friends under the stars. And when it comes to hosting friends and family during this most carefree season, we're all about making it easy breezy!

While easy, we, of course, don't want to sacrifice style or taste! But the good news is in just a few simple steps you can host the perfect summer gathering and truly embrace la dolce vita.


1. Serve food that doesn’t require utensils, such as avocado toast and sliced watermelon with Haberno Salt!
2. Make beverages easy to access. Serve batch cocktails (or mocktails) in pitchers and create a self-serve drink station. 
3. Create a carefree style. Use your cotton beach blanket as a tablecloth and style food on an assortment of platters. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

You can find all the essentials you need for a carefree summer in our Summer Box!

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